“Imagine all the people, living all as one … It’s not hard to do … and you’re not the only one!”

Inspired We Rise is a community of seekers — people who are committed to co-creating “A Fresh Approach to Life” that leads to greater happiness, fulfillment, and well-being — both individually and collectively.

We are an open and inclusive group made up of like-hearted, like-minded people — including “Spiritual Independents” and “Traditionalist Seekers* — who wish  to experience personal growth in a mutually supportive environment.

If you are open to inquiries  that feature unique, proprietary content and practices that are “Spiritfully Meaningful, Inspirational, Relevant, and Fun” (“S.M.I.R.F.!“), Inspired We Rise (“IWR“) is a place you want to be..

IWR‘s “A Fresh Approach to Life” is always practical —  ultimately all  about “living your dream”…. and as we each live our dreams we’ll all be “Living TA-DA Today!” If that sounds appealing  to you, scroll down,  discover more, and then connect with us!


*Note: “Spiritual Independents” are sometimes characterized as “Nones” — people who do not self-identify with a particular religious tradition;  they may also be known as “SBNR” — “Spiritual But Not Religions”;

Traditionalist Seekers” usually do identify with one or more relgion, but are open to augmenting their beliefs by exploring things beyond their own traditional heritage.


Clarity — Safety and Enthusiasm In Who We Are and What We Do

“A Fresh Approach to Life” is an open-ended adventure for discovering what “A Life Well-Lived” means for each of us.  Becoming more holistically mindful, we explore ourselves and our world in multi-dimensional ways to find what matters most to us — personally!   

Find Inspiration — Participate in IWR’s Proprietary, Interactive Learning Adventures!

For example, on an expedition called “Claiming Your Flower Power”, we consider five aspects of ourselves — our Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual natures — and how to bring them into balanced, harmonized fullness.  You’ll discover what matters most to you and see yourself in new and powerful ways!


Connection — Experiencing A Deep Sense of Belonging

“A Fresh Approach To Life” calls us to understanding more about how everything is inter-active, inter-connected, and interdependent. It’s time to move beyond the out-dated paradigm of “Survival of the Fittest” to a leading-edge one of “Thrival of the Most Co-operative”. Oneness is the underlying fabric of our lives and our world — and it is at work in our lives in every moment!

Amp Up Your Self-Worth — Discover the Powers of Relationship 

In “Living in the Right Here and Right Now” you’ll find new ways to engage to give and receive feedback, validations, and affirmations.  Cooperating in co-creative ways enhances everything you do and is vitally important for getting what you truly desire. Connecting on a day-to-day basis is essential for your success.  Here’s a chance to amplify it in your life!


Confidence — From “Wishing on A Star” to “Dreams Come True!”

“A Fresh Approach to Life” is about “Making A Difference in Your Life and in the World”.  Each of us is called to identify our unique gifts, talents, and desires and then bring them to life in impactful ways. A wise person described this as “Being at the intersection where your deep joy meets the world’s great need.”  Don’t you feel an “Inner Push” to be at that place?

Got Support? — Utilize IWR’s Practical Tools

IWR has unique and appropriate tools for both your inner and outer journey. These are down-to-earth ways to get “heavenly” outcomes.  A case in point:  In “Putting the Pieces Together”, we help people identify, connect, and activate the sometimes puzzling strategic elements need  to accomplish their “Next Big Thing”.  Can you imagine how helpful it will be to you to having your “puzzle” assembled?


Community — Join Us NOW!

The Inspired We Rise Community is made up of people who have joined on a purely self-selected, voluntary basis.  Many are “Spiritual Independents” (a.k.a. “Nones”) or “Seekers” from other religious heritages.  What we share in common is our desire for new perspectives, new ways of living — not some “New Normal” but being on “The Playground of the Possible.“.

Aside from committing to abide by our “Shared Agreements” and a nominal monthly membership fee, there are no other obligations. That said, you’ll realize the greatest benefits as a MEMBER by actively participating.

The IWR Community Memebership Site functions quite like a “Private Facebook Group”. It is hosted on a leading-edge platform powered by Ruzuku, as part of its very user-friendly Learning Management Systems (“LMS”).

This platform features all the tools and formats needed to create a dynamic, interactive, and highly engaging community experience.

Best of all it is a private community for the exclusive use of Inspired We Rise‘s members — without intrusion by others or the distractions of ads and solicitations.

This gives us the freedom and uninterrupted privacy for open, honest,  and safe dialogues to share our common interests on the Inspired We Rise journey.

Inspired We Rise starts and ends with COMMUNITY.  Your presence makes a difference to us.  

We affirm:”Each person who joins the IWR Community has something important and valuable to give — and receive!


By taking the leap to “BECOME A MEMBER” you’ll enjoy all of the benefits and rewards of the IWR Community..  But, if you’re not quite ready, learn more about us as you follos us by choosing to  “BE A FRIEND“.  See the details below … then make the choice that is best for you!


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Members Enjoy Same Benefits As FRIENDS, Plus:

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With The World in Our Hearts And Our Hearts In The World …

As Heart-Centered Change-Makers we courageously trust the truth we feel in our individual and collective hearts — daring to risk and to take action to create a better world — one that works better ofr one and for all.

We trust that we, personally and communally, are our own —  and the world’s — richest resources. We follow our heart’s knowing, letting it guides us to our calling to serve and contribute in positive ways. 

And we joyously celebrate our oneness — experiencing more safey, greater meaning, and a deeper sense of belonging in the warmth of the co-active, co-creative Inspired We Rise Community.