In this world that is moving and shifting at an ever-accelerating rate we need strong and effective relationships — to ourselves, to one another, to our communities, and to the world as a whole.

The more that we’re connected to who we truly are, the more comfortable we feel “in our own skin”.

The more that we’re connected with one-another and in our various communities, the greater our sense of purpose and self-esteem.

And the more we connecting with society, our enivornonments, and the cosmos as a whole, the deeper our sense of meaning and belonging.

At Inspired We Rise, our aim is to facilitate connection at all three of these levels.  The primary way to do this is through membership in our co-creative, self-organizing learning community.  We hope that you’ll join us soon!



Being more fully connected to yourself, others, and the world as a whole opens a myriad of opportunities. We experience a greater sense of belonging and validation as we generously give and receive in mutually beneficial ways:

RELATIONSHIP — Being Interconnected, Interactive, and Interdependendent

FEEDBACK — Discovering what works & what doesn’t

SUPPORT Give, receive, & share assistance, resources, & referrals

VALIDATION — Understand the impact & difference you’re making

COLLABORATION — Leverage your acitivies by cooperative initiatives 

PERSPECTIVES — “Soul-Storm” with others to discover new possibilities

BELONGING — Feel accepted and “at-home” in loving community 


Our IWR community is a fun, fresh, and fruitful  “Playground for the Possible” — bringing together and connecting like-hearted, like-minded people dedicated to increasing the greater good of one and all.

We build effective relationships by mutually supporting one another as we listen and acknowledge each others dreams — listening carefully and then acting purposefully while providing feedback, support and validation for each and all of us in a world constantly reverberating with change.

Most significantly, our community helps us to overcome our feelings of aloneness, confusion, and powerlessness. This community of connected change-makers fills our hearts with an expansive sense of belonging, co-creativity, and committment to make our world a more equitable and sustainable “home” for all of creation.


The IWR community operates using a leading-edge learning management platform created by ruzuku.

Its platform has all the tools and formats needed for a dynamic, interactive, and highly engaging and connected community experience.

Best of all IWR’s website there is a private community — a customized social media-like platform for the exclusive use of IWR’s members — with neither ads nor unwanted intrusion by others.

This gives us the freedom and uninterrupted privacy for open, honest, and safe dialogues to share our common interests on the Inspired We Rise journey.

One of the basic organizaitonal principles of the Inspired We Rise Community is that:

Each new member who joins has something valuable and important to contribute — and makes the Community stronger!

We anticipate this as a key characteristic of our community as it grows —  supporting each of us as we all “Rise Up” together!



Our IWR Community is intended to be a self-organizing, generative, and highly interactive group of people who share common values and who are dedicated to making a difference in their lives and in the world.  Three topics that we’ll explore together are shown below — with many more to come!

Inspired Connections

“Inspired Connections” is our primary point for connecting, interacting, and communicating as a community. It is the place where we get to know one another and exchange ideas and information about “What’s Up!”

Enrollment in “Inspired Connections” is a primary benefit of membership — and is included for free in all membership subscriptions.

One of  “Inspired Connections” main functions is to serve as a forum to discuss the interests of our members. As a self-organizing learning community it is vitally important to hear from our members  about what they’re looking for in our community — their interests, desires, suggestions, and questions.

“Inspired Connections” will soon include a review the features and benefits of the various levels of membership so each person can decided what will work best for them.

It includes links to introductory information about the “Basics” of navigating and using the IWR-ruzuku platform  — as well as our “Shared Agreements” (our code of conduct).  All of this is quite “user friendly”, but learning the ropes is the first key for each  participant.

Finally, “Inspired Connections” provides a general overview of our current vision and plans for our community — where we want to go and how we hope to work together in joyous co-creative,  supportive, and collaborative ways.

Inspired Directions

The sense of belonging to any community is deepest when shared values, common interests, and mutuality of practices are clearly defined — collaboratively with the participation of its members.

To do this, we’ll gather our community members together in our “Inspired Directions” course to achieve early consensus on precisely what those are.  This will include formulating a vision statement, shared agreements on how we’ll work together, and our initial intentions as we “Rise Up” together.

One thing we recognize, however, is the constancy of change as a reality in our lives and in the world.  So these won’t be static, unchanging agreements. We’ll keep them alive by coming together regularly — or as needed — to keep them aligned with our ever-evolving consciousness.

We’ll use our  “S.M.I.R.F.” process as the standard for creating and recreating our work — i.e. everything we do will be “Spiritfully Meaningful, Inspirational, Relevant, and Fun!”

Inspired Collaborations — Within and Beyond

We’re all called to engage in the world in ways that are larger than ourselves.  This holds true for each of us — and for our community as a whole.  After all, the current view of evolution teaches us that it is not through competition we survive most successfully — it’s through co-operation.

At the practical level, this means we’re called  to “partner” with others to reach our fullest potential. Our IWR Community will help members to receive from and offer support to other members — including in-depth collaboration.

But we won’t stop there.  To maximize the opportunities to be ever more impactful in the world as a  whole, we’ll communicate internally within our community to reach beyond to partner with and support others with whom we naturally align.

Inspired Collaborations — Within and Beyond” will be our internal platform to support collaboration both inside of our community and with external partners.  It’s “comming soon” — so keep an eye out for it!