Clarity is about creating a meaningful and actionable context for your life — connecting with who you truly are and seeing yourself joyfully participating in the world.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the self-discovery process. Instead, it is based on your own life experiences and the wisdom you’ve gathered along the way — all examined within the framework of 7 unique areas of inquiry.

This a holistic and mindful process — one that you’ll update continuously — providing safe, comfortable, and practical perspectives for your life’s journey, safely, and comfortably that feel “just right”.


Exploring seven principles of living to create a personalized vibrant, dynamic and solid foundation for your life.  Knowing the “Truth of Your Being” is your “North Star” — your place of centeredness to inspire you on your journey and comfort you during challenging times.

HARMONIOUSLY BALANCED — Reconciling  inner and outer conflicts

WHOLLY CONNECTED — Five essences of being human

HEART CENTERED — Finding Safety, Meaning, and Belonging

EXPERIENCING ONENESS — Connected with Self, Others, and the World

PURPOSELY INSPIRED — Living Authentically From the Inside-Out

FIRMLY GROUNDED — Moving from Concepts to Practicality with “5 Heartbeats”

LIVING TA-DA TODAY! — Bringing Things All Together For Greater Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace of Mind


As a way of providing a quick look of some of what you’ll experience as you explore IWR’s CLARITY topics, here are peeks at more of the details about  “Wholly Connected”, “Heart Centered”, and “Firmly Grounded”.

We hope that you’ll find them mindfully holistic, engaging and innovative  — even out of the “ordinary” —  stimulating your inclination to become a member of the IWR Community!

Wholly Connected In The Truth of Your Being

We are multi-dimensional beings. To be both “Heart Centered” and “Fully Alive”, we’re called to connect with and express all “parts” of ourselves as completely as possible.

When we’re “in full bloom”, we might see ourselves in the dimension of five “petals” — as (1) Physical, (2) Emotional, (3) Mental, (4) Social, and (5) Spiritual.

The more we appreciate, understand, develop, and appreciate each of these aspects the more we will love ourselves and our lives.

Exploring the “Flower of Being”  is a foundational building block at Inspired We Rise.  Will you join us as a key step on the Path to Wholeness and Fulfillment?

Heart-Centered With Safety, Meaning, and Belonging

All of us share three essential needs — Safety, Meaning, and Belonging.

Safety: First, feeling secure in the world with all of our basic needs met; second, free from threats from others and our environment, and finally — perhaps most importantly — at home within our own skin (physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually at ease).

Meaning: The sense that what we do in life makes a difference  — to ourselves, to those near to us, and to the world as a whole; in other words, our life is significant and also “makes sense” in the larger scheme of the universe (as we’ve defined it).

Belonging: we see ourselves positively in relation to others — and sense that others see us in a similar way; we’re socially engaged in comfortable ways — affirming others as they affirm us.

By being aware of how we’re experiencing each of these essential needs in day-to-day life, we can choose to adjust our priorities to achieve more harmony.  Ideally, we move toward the “sweet spot” — that heart-felt place where we find ourselves on common ground with others, creating more love, peace, compassion, justice, and equity in our life and in the world– right here, right now!

Firmly Grounded With A Personal Holistic Worldview

It helps if we can take life in bite-sized chunks,

 At Inspired We Rise, we suggest concentrating on five areas for holistic mastery:

(1) Wisdom, (2) Wholeness, (3) Oneness, (4) Co-Creation, and (5) Nitty-Gritty (Every-Day-Living) 


A Meaningful, Relevant Spiritful Worldview

Creating a heart-felt, conscious worldview that enriches our life with purpose and meaning and leads us to ever-unfolding clarity of the interrelationships in all of creation.


Fulfilling Our Potential Via Authentic Living

Bringing our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions to their fullest possible potential of health, creativity, generativity, and harmonious balance.


Unity With All of Creation In One Cosmic Community

Finding unity in the diversity of our world and beyond through interconnected, interactive, and interdependent engagement with everyone & everything.


Making A Difference By Living Our Callings Fully and Boldly

Accessing and fully enacting the power of imagination in creative, powerful, and proactive ways to make a difference for ourselves, others, and all of creation.


Taking Care of Business In Every Way, Every Day

Approaching everyday life from a holistic” perspective – empowering ourselves to achieve outcomes aligned with our truest  inner essence and the universe as a whole.

A Strategy for Mastery

To work toward mastery of these five key elements of “Practical Living”, the first thing to do is to memorize their names and develop a basic conceptual understanding of them.

Next, reflect on what each one means to you — in your own words. This will start you on a path toward integrating them as part of your very being.

Finally — your work for a lifetime is to go deeper into each one and begin to understand how they relate to each other. There’s no particular rush — especially because they’ll take on new
and different meanings as your life unfolds.

Best of all, as long as you keep working on them the more grounded and centered you’ll be.