Confidence is knowing what’s yours to do, developing the competencies to do it, and getting into action.  In short, it’s about your ways to bring your dreams to life with ease, flow, and delight!

Using IWR’s innovative techniques and processes, you’ll pull together tools for your journey that are “Fresh, Fun, and Fruitful” — discovering whats matters most, identifying your unique gifts and talents, pulling the pieces of your action puzzle together, and much more!

You’ll create “A Life Big Enough for Your Soul” — and in so doing make a difference in your life and in the world as a whole.


Truly knowing and embodying “your special gift” allows you to build a vibrant, dynamic, and confident foundation for your life – one that calls and welcomes you to fully live your TA-DA today!

Your confidence will inspire you on your journey and comfort you during challenging times — as you be, live, and give your gift so you thrive — and the world is greatly enriched.

TRULY KNOW YOURSELF — Your unique gifts and talents

WHAT MATTERS MOST — Be true to yourself by living mindfully

PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER — Start building your dream now

TELLING THE WORLD — Showcasing what you are up to

RESOURCES FOR THE JOURNEY — Lean into resources for support

MAKE YOUR DIFFERENCE — The greater impact of you

LIVING TA-DA TODAY — Embodying and celebrating your success!


Here is a quick peek at some of the details of  three of the topics included in IWR’s CONFIDENCE modules.  They are totally unique —  proprietary content offered exclusively by IWR.  To learn more about them and how you can use them on your life journey, join the IWR community today!

Your “Priceless Portfolio”

Creating A “Priceless Portfolio” of Your Very Own

Just as great artists have a portfolio that “show-cases” their work, having a personal “Portfolio” of your very own — based on your hopes, dreams, and plans — will help you stay on your path as your circumstances and things things in the world around you evolve and change.

We created this program 24 years ago and it was extremely well-received. In fact, many said it was “priceless”.  Reviewing it every day to reminds you  “why you are here” and “what truly has heart and meaning” as you navigate your life’s adventure of service, joy, and transformation.

This fun, highly experiential process will help you to stay focused and not get caught up in the “flotsam and jetsam” of every day life. Your simple yet “priceless” portfolio will ground you so that you will feel and be “More Holistically Connected and Fully Alive” — every day in every way!

Your Portfolio will become your beloved and trusted companion as you keep it up-to-date and spend time with it every day!

Feeling Puzzled ? ….Overwhelmed? … Stuck?

Putting Your “Puzzle” Together

Our experience is that people – as individuals, groups, or organizations – generally find themselves “puzzled” in one or more of the four following ways:

  • What? — Being unclear about what their “IT” – their “Next Big Thing” or “Vision” is.
  • How? — Knowing their “What” but not knowing the “How” – not having a clearly defined roadmap to create their new reality.
  • Needs? — Failing to identify the people, financing, systems, steps, and other resources necessary to fulfill their vision.
  • Commit? — Hesitating,  equivocating, or procrastinating instead of jumping into action – even when all the pieces above are in place!

Our unique, time-tested “Putting Your Puzzle Together” program helps you discover the antidotes to each of these – so you can feel more fully alive – as you realize your goals and dreams with ease, grace, and delight!

What’s Your WOW! ?

[Your 15-Second “Elevator Speech”]

How many times have you fumbled, felt unsure, or squirmed with discomfort when someone asks you what you do or what you are creating and offering?

Having a personalized “WOW” statement helps you overcome such doubts and uncertainties.  It conveys your focus, credibility, and confidence – and communicates that you are a success story ready to meet the needs of others.

In this engaging, collaborative “funshop”, we help  you create at least a “good first draft” of your “WOW Statement ”  — what many refer to as a “15-Second Sizzler” or “An Elevator Speech” — one that you can feel really good about!

Use it immediately (on your “business” card, your website, or in a Facebook post, etc.). Let people clearly understand “what you are up to ” so they can immediately decide if they need your product or service. In any case, they’ll have the information needed for them to refer you to someone else who would find it helpful.