COURAGE is the act of bringing your own CLARITY and CONFIDENCE” to life by  bravely and boldly stepping forth. It is the act of aligning your “being-ness” with your “doing-ness” (and vice-versa).

COURAGE is all about taking action. It is “walking your talk” and “talking your walk”. And practicing the “Seven Characteristics of Courageous Living” helps immensely in doing this.

To “Live Your TA-DA” is to truly be who you are and to fully do what you are here to do. It is knowing and feeling the multiple dimensions of your “inner push” and bringing them fully to life — enabling you to realize delightful and impactful outcomes.



With CLARITY about who we truly are and CONFIDENCE about what we’re called to do, the next step is to connect with the COURAGE to get into action.  This is a matter of the heart — and of being consciously aware of and applying seven key characteristics for living courageously.

COMMITTED — Ready, willing, and able to take action … Right Here, Right Now

BRAVE — Boldly daring to take a chance … feeling the fear and doing it anyway

ENTHUSIASTIC — Responding to your inner push … with passionate creativity

OPTIMISTIC — Hope-filled … trusting yourself, others, and the Universe

PERSISTENT — Staying the course … determined to proceed no matter what

RESILIENT — Bouncing back from disappointments … responding appropriately to feedback

GRATEFUL — Appreciating the good that comes … and open and willing to receive more


Here is a quick peek at three aspects of becoming more effectively courageous.  Each of them is unique and proprietary to IWR.  To learn more about them and how you can use them on your life journey, join the IWR Community today!

Getting Our Acts Together (“G.O.A.T”)

It’s important not to “bite off more than we can chew” when it’s time to get into action.  But it’s equally key not to simply take a nibble. What we want is a “Goldilock’s portion” — neither too big nor to small but “Just Right”.

In the planning and doing process, our experience has shown us that 90-days (i.e. a time-frame equal to about one quarter of a calendar), is “Just Right”.  It’s long enough to do something significant and short enough to maintain focus.

IWR’s “G.O.A.T.” approach provides a practical, down-to-earth, and step-by-step process for a quarterly action plan that leads to success.  It chunks things down into “Bite-Sized Actions” — satisfying to chew on but small enough to swallow!

Focus and Flourish

The paths of our life’s journey are frequently interrupted with random distractions, unforseen opportunities, unpleasent setbacks, and unexpected (many times delightful!) surprises. 

With all of these “extra-curricular actrivities” going on, it is often challenging to stay our course. As we “Focus and Flourish” our capacities for being persistent and resilient are greatly enhanced. 

That’s why it is useful to have a comprehensive and organized approach in place — one that clearly maps out your plan and provides predefined processes for dealing with “feedback” that the Universe offers.

This is what IWR’s “Focus and Flourish” template will provide.  It’s easy to use and gives you the tools to be flexible and adaptable along your way.

Best of all, it will help you to realize your goals and dreams with ease, grace, and delight!

 Oneness — “ME-WE-ALL”

Conscious awareness of the basic unity of all things continues to grow.  More and more people understand that everyone and everything is interactive, interconnected, and interdependent.   Some even say “There is only one of us here!”

Leveraging this idea gives us trust, hope, and confidence that all is working for good — in our individual and collective lives — and in the world as a whole.

Given the apparent chaos we often find in daily life — especially as reported in the news and on social media — sometimes it’s challenging to maintain a healthy persepctive of our oneness.

Exploring the concepts of “ME-WE-ALL” is one way of truly grasping the underlying holism and love at work beneath (and often in full view) that is actually at work in our lives and in our world.