“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

The challenges we face today are probably more varied and difficult than in any time since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  We’re called to find new ways to solve both our personal problems and the situations we’re facing together.  If we don’t, we might — as Einstein suggested — drive ourselves crazy!

Inspired We Rise invites all of us to embrace “A Fresh Appproach to Life” to address the needs of our times.  This is an opportunity for us to look at things with new eyes to create imaginative, tangible, practical solutions — so that we see and experience ourselves in new and powerful ways!

“A Fresh Approach to Life” inspires us to explore our lives in four important and inter-related areas — Clarity, Confidence, Connection, and Courage (what we affectionately call “The 4 C’s“).

Weaving Your Wisdom Together With Inspired We Rise’s “4-C’s”


  • Knowing yourself as you blossom “whole-istically
  • Understanding your relationships with yourself, others, and all of Creation
  • Committing to live what’s “True” for you every day in every way. 


  • Identifying what matters most and your unique gifts and talents 
  • Defining precisely what you wish to accomplish and how to do it
  • Accessing the resources needed to realize your dreams.


  • Experiencing a deeper sense of belonging and self-worth
  • Receiving and giving feedback, support, and validation 
  • Collaborating in symbiotic ways so that 1 + 1 > 2 … always!


  • Getting into action to move in the direction of your dreams 
  • Responding masterfully as situations evolve and “challenges” come up
  • Celebrating your journey with joyous gratitude.

 Ride the Energy of Your Unique Spirit

Be, Live, and Give Your Unique Gifts and Talents — Ones That Only YOU Have — and the World Needs!

You’ll Thrive — and the World Will Be Greatly Enriched!

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What Is Inspired We Rise?

Inspired We Rise is a vibrant community of “Heart-Centered Change-Makers” who courageously trust the truth we feel in our individual and collective hearts.  

Together we dare to risk and take action to achieve both our deep personal desires — and also to create a better world for all.

Inspired We Rise is a call for each and all of us to:

    •  Live “at the intersection of our deepest passions and the world’s great needs”
    •  Be more “Whole-istic” — moving toward greater personal and communal harmony
    •  Call forth more care and compassion, more justice and equity, and more peace in our time.

Inspired We Rise operates as a Membership Community on a “platform” that is private, safe, and secure.  This gives us the freedom to communicate openly and honestly in mutual support — without interference from outside advertising and unwanted solicitations.  

As we join together in co-active, co-creative collaboration, we experience synergy at the highest levels!   As we do, we each thrive and the world is greatly enriched!

How Inspired We Rise Works

Inspired We Rise delivers “A Fresh Approach to Life” through a combination of three interrelated ways — Community, Content, and Coaching. These are described briefly below.

They offer a variety of opportunities to explore, learn, grow, and make new connections.  Activities include gatherings, “PopUps” and “FunShops”, courses, and other events.

The more you participate in these activities, the more quickly you’ll move from where you are today to where you — and all of us — want to be!  That’s the journey we share together!


A Platform For Belonging

  • A Community space that is Private, Safe, and Secure — Free from Ads and Solicitations
  • A platform for Members to Dialogue, Collaborate, and Co-Create in imaginative ways
  • A place to Receive and Give Feedback and Validation, and Experience a Greater Sense of Connection.    More ….


Portals to Meaning and Growth

  • Explore Unique, Proprietary, and Life-Changing concepts, processes, and programs
  • Embody Ideas and Methods that are Spiritfully Meaningful, Inspirational, Relevant, and Fun!  [“S.M.I.R.F.]
  • Apply Practical Tools to Rise Up in action and bring your dreams to life!   More ….


Get the Support You Need!

  • Mentoring — for “FunShops”, Courses, and Activities — your questions answered
  • Coaching — for Individuals and Groups — from quick “Pop-Ups”  to fully personalized programs
  • Spiritful Nurturance — Generous listening and gentle suggestions as your personally meaningful spirituality unfolds.   More ….

Catch the Breeze With “A Fresh Approach to Life”!

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