About The IWR Community


Imagine that you’re a “Rock Star on a solo voyage and your sailboat sinks. You make it to shore of a deserted island, salvaging only some cooking utensils and your guitar.

Alone, you make the best of it and while awaiting rescue, you write some songs.  But without an audience to hear you sing, you really don’t know if what you’ve created is any good.

Well, in a way we’re all “Rock Stars” — and we need an “audience” to get feedback, validation, and feel a sense of belonging.

When we’re not in a community, we’re all essentially marooned.  Many of us have become isolated during the Covid-19 Pandemic — so connecting or reconnecting is vitally important at this time.

That’s why building a community is top priority for Inspired We Rise. Not only is it key to get over being isolated, there is a sense that “the times, they are a-changin’ “.

We’re promoting the idea of “A Fresh Approach To Life” — and if we’re all going to do things differently, the need for community is more important than ever! We say it like this:




The Inspired We Rise Community is made up of people who join on a purely self-selected, voluntary basis.   What we share in common is our desire for new perspectives, new ways of living — not some “New Normal” but being on “The Playground for the Possible.“.

Aside from committing to abide by our Shared Agreements and a nominal monthly membership fee, there are no other obligations. That said, you’ll realize the greatest benefits as a MEMBER by actively participating.

The IWR Community Membership Site functions quite like a “Private Facebook Group”. It is hosted on a leading-edge platform powered by ruzuku.com, an emerging leader in delivering content within community settings.

Its platform features all the tools and formats needed to create a dynamic, interactive, and highly engaging community experience.

Best of all it is a private community for the exclusive use of Inspired We Rise‘s members — without intrusion by others or the distractions of ads and unwanted solicitations.

This gives us the freedom and uninterrupted privacy for open, honest,  and safe dialogues to share our common interests on the Inspired We Rise journey.

Inspired We Rise starts and ends with COMMUNITY.  Your presence makes a difference to us.  

We affirm:”Each person who joins the IWR Community has something valuable and important to give — and receive!


By taking the leap to “BECOME A MEMBER” you’ll enjoy all of the benefits and rewards of the IWR Community.  But, if you’re not quite ready, learn more about us as you follow us by choosing to  BE A FRIEND.  See the details below … then make the choice that is best for you!


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  • Participation in  IWR’s Friends’ ChatRoom
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  • Email notifications about upcoming events (some with occasional coupons attached!)
  • … And more to come!

This is an opportunity to know more about us and have first hand experiences of IWR’s engaging and empowering content and activities. Check us out before joining as a MEMBER! 


Members Enjoy Same Benefits As FRIENDS, Plus:

  • Membership in “Inspired Connections”  — IWR’s Community Gathering Place
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  • Periodic “Live” Community Meetings
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  • An Active “Say” in Shaping IWR’s Evolution
  • … And more to come!

Only $25.00 per month

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