Coaching is our generic, all-inclusive term for mentorship, traditional personal and group coaching, and spiritual guidance. 

IWR’s commitment is to support you in all of these ways so that you fully embody — and act on — your self-discoveries.

  • Mentoring — During “Funshops”, Courses, and Activities — your questions answered
  • Traditional Coaching — For Individuals and Groups — scheduled or spontaneous
  • Spiritual Guidance — Generous listening with gentle suggestions

IWR’s coaching activities take place in a variety of ways.

Getting the Support You Need!


Mentoring is structured appropriately for each unique activity.


  • In “live” situations, there may be “Chat” sidebars or “Q & A’s” using mic-sharing during Zoom presentations.
  • “Asynchronous” courses will almost always include threaded discussions. 
  • Participants will have an opportunity to post questions and topics for discussion.
  • And, there is always an opportunity to email IWR for help. We will respond as quickly as possible by email — and arrange in-person or group discussions as needed.

Traditional Coaching

Traditional Coaching is available in multiple formats.


  • “Pop-Up Coaching” is one popular format.  Designed to help with specific but urgent and immediate needs, these are 20-minute sessions. Check for available times.
  • Individual and Group coaching to work on intermediate-term programs are generally offered over 30 – 60 – 90 day periods (with one session per week).
  • “Custom” coaching programs may be arranged on an as needed basis.  Contact us for information.

    Spiritual Guidance

    Spiritual Guidance is generally provided on a one-on-one basis — except for during activities and courses


    • Because “Spirituality” is a far-reaching topic, we suggest beginning with 1 – 3 exploratory discussions to identify specific interests and needs.
    • In situations of people experiencing Spiritual “challenges”, we often recommend using a 5-step healing process that has proven to be quite practical and effective.
    • During activities and courses, if participants express a mutual interest in discussion groups we’re willing to facilitate these. Formats varying according to the particular topic at hand and the needs of the group.