A Coach is someone who remembers the song in your heart when you can’t …

Our  Coaching Programs are specifically customized to your needs.  Our intention is to help you to reach the goals and outcomes you desire — ones that will truly “Improve Your World and Your Happiness!”  WOOHOO!

As a Professional Certified coach, Olivia uses an inspiring blend of new and proven techniques based on her 20+ years experience as a coach in individual and group environments.

Her deep commitment to everyone she partners with is that they will be heard, appreciated, and acknowledged for their “unique giftedness, commitments, and action to make a difference in their lives and in the world!

She especially treasures the dance between heart and head, helping people courageously reimagine their future. She encourages everyone to bring all of themselves to each endeavor “wholistically” – so they can more easily realize their dreams, “Smile-Stones”, desired outcomes, and impact.

She especially treasures the dance between heart and head, helping people courageously reimagine their future. She encourages everyone to bring all of themselves to each endeavor “wholistically” – so they can more easily realize their dreams, “Smile-Stones”, desired outcomes, and impact.

Note:  Spiritual Nurturance is provided by Steve Maynard who was ordained as a Unity Minister in 2005 and has in-depth experience in this field.


Whether you’re flying solo, with a co-pilot, or with a full crew, we tailor our coaching to your needs:

As Individuals

Inspiring and empowering your personal growth adventure so that you become your own most trusted and creative resource.

Expand Yourself!

In Groups

Guiding groups and teams to work  in greater harmony to achieve impactful outcomes with greater ease and delight.

Challenge Each Other!

In Community

Facilitating deeper connections and transformative experiences to support organizational growth, effectiveness, and joy.

Transform Our World!


This “Short Hop” coaching format is designed to address your immediate needs — RIGHT NOW! 

It is a quick, affordable session to get you unstuck so you can start soaring and be on your way to making things easier, having more fun, and creating a bigger impact – right away!

The price is only $1/minute — $30 for 30 minutes (prescheduled and prepaid — time slots are limited).

Get “Cleared for Take-Off” by scheduling your session NOW! —  Click Here.

Individual Coaching

Our 1:1 Coaching programs are based on a mutually crafted design — one that emphasizes accomplishing exactly what you want to do.  Our experiences is that coaching engagements work best on 90-days cycles, a time-frame long enough to achieve an objective but short enough to maintain focus.

Group and Community Coaching

Our Group and Community Coaching sessions bring together people and teams who share similar (if not common) goals.  While each engagement is mutually customized, the usual format is periodic conference calls with email follow-ups. Some individual coaching may also be included depending on needs, etc.

Spiritual Nurturance

Spiritual Nurturance is about a rich dialogue based on generous listening, gentle suggestions, and personal reflection and contemplation. Our intention is to support each person’s process of discovering what works for them — i.e. personally meaningful spirituality according to their own experience and inner knowing.

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The Top 12 Ways To Get the Greatest Benefit
From Your Coaching Experience With Olivia

Take a Few Minutes to “Ready Yourself” for Your Session.
Being physically and emotionally prepared for your session naturally allows you to be more present and “in the flow” – rather than being distracted and/or uncomfortable.
Set an Intention for Each Session!
Prior to your session give some thought as to what would make the biggest difference for you – including any assistance or inspiration you might need. 

Generally , sessions that are focused with a specific intention will make the session feel more productive and complete. 

Know that your intention will always get covered , however the coaching conversation occurs with whatever “shows up” – helping you stay present with the “realities” of your life.

Focus on What You Are Feeling, Not Only On What You Want to Produce!
Sometimes you may feel like they must focus their coaching time to produce the most tangible and helpful results. 

But intangibles, like feeling happier, more peaceful, more inspired, or more fulfilled, are equally important.

Think of a flower, with the flower as the result and the seeds are the feelings. Why not have both? 

Be “Full of Yourself” and What Really Matters to You!
You can talk about anything you want during your coaching sessions – our goals, your life, your needs, what you want to improve. Even “stuff” that may not appear to be “all that useful” to talk about.

Focus on what you “need” to talk about, not what you feel you “should” talk about. This approach will give you the most value from your coaching sessions.

Become Wonderfully and Incredibly Selfish!
Coaching is about you and what you most want. So go ahead, put yourself first. Yes, be selfish in the sense that you are want matters most. When you are happy and doing well, others will benefit also.
Be Open To Seeing Things Differently!
During our coaching together you will be working with your goals (your what’s) and your strategies to reach these goals (the “hows”) and at the same time be working on you (the ‘who). 

Coaching becomes exciting when at some of your assumptions, ways of thinking, beliefs and ways of approaching success.

It is often exciting to evolve and and arrive at newly developing concepts. No forcing here, just asking you to consider different approaches and ways of thinking and feeling about things. Here you can try it on to see what might work better for you!

Sensitize Yourself to Responding to Experiences Around You!
Feeling out of time…frustrated. The pace of change continues to increase. Here comes the STRESS and pressures to keep up and not and not get behind.

Look at this phenomena as a change to see opportunities as they occur. Sensitize yourself, feel, and respond to events faster. Be mindful of your sensitizing yourself by reducing or eliminating alcohol, television, adrenaline, stress, and maybe even caffeine.

Feel Coached All the 10,000 Minutes of Your Week!
There are 10,080 minutes in a 7-day week. What you and I will talk about during your coaching will resonate with you during your days and so you will be able to integrate in between your sessions. 

it is best to fully live your life between coaching sessions and just try your life on. Designing a life that works for you – that is what coaching is all about!

Get Rid of Your “Psychic Sappers”
Coaching works because it focuses you on two areas. First you get to stretch and take more actions than you would on your own. Secondly, you will be reducing things that drain you – such as toleration, stressful situations, difficult relationships and recurring problems

Attract who/what you want purposefully!

Get More Space, Not Just Time In Your Life!
Coaching needs room and space in order to work. If you’re too busy, rushed, or burdened, you will be using your coaching sessions to push harder instead of smarter.

When you begin, consider reducing your roles, your personal management systems, etc. 

Get simple Simplifications creates space. Space is needed to learn and evolve yourself beyond where you are today.

Evolve, Don’t Just Develop Yourself!
When you develop you learn how to accomplish more with less effort.

But when you evolve, you will be thinking differently – expanding yourself and your world. Evolving is a skill worth learning, because life itself is evolving, not just developing.

Strengthen Your Personal/Work Foundation!
Use part of your coaching time to design the perfect environment in which to live and work. Where you live and how you live are the key to your success.

Hang out with people who will cheer your success, not your failure. Be willing to invest time and money improving both your internal and external environments so that you feel supported to be your best!