Inspired We Rise is the expression of a vision shared for over 25 years by Olivia and Steve Maynard.  Working both independently. and as a team they have been inspired in part by Ric Masten’s song “Let It Be A Dance We Do” (see below). 

At last, they are discovering all the “right moves” in hopes of scoring “a perfect 10” — unifying their visions and experiences into an format we hope you find inspiring, entertaining, and  educational as navigate your own unique journey of transformation.

As a couple, they bring together a complementary, well-balanced mix of skills, talents, and energies.  By nature, Olivia is more feminine, more heart-centered, and more spontaneous.  Steve, is more masculine, more conceptual, and more analytic. Over time, they’re learning to dance in greater harmony, in step rather than stepping on each other’s toes!

Over the years, many people have shared how they deeply appreciate experiencing Olivia and Steve in collaboration — admiring how they share their wisdom in joy-filled, professional, and mutually respectful and supportive ways.

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Listen to “Let It Be A Dance”

Ric Masten (1929 – 2008), who we knew fondly as “the Poet Laureate of Big Sur”, wrote the lyrics, composed the tune, and recorded “Let It Be A Dance”.  Short and sweet, in many ways it is almost a perfect philosophy of life.  
To listen to it, click here!


Olivia Maynard 

As a “Fun Practical Idealist and Reenergizing Guide”, Olivia uses her “special gifts” to inspire, cultivate and empower the best in each of us to co-create the best for all of us and all creation.

As she engages with others on their “Fresh Approach to Life” it is always her deep intention to :

  • encourage them to see – and experience themselves – in new and powerful ways
  • create a future – they are excited to wake up to every day
  • learn to be, live, and give their special gift – so all are greatly enriched and
  • have a fresh, fun, and fruitful journey – full of learning, joy, and accomplishment.

Olivia brings her rich and varied perspectives, energies, and skills  from her 30+ years of marketing in Silicon Valley, her 20+ years as a Certified Professional Coach, and her experiences as an entrepreneur to all who engage with her.

She especially treasures the dance between heart and head, helping people courageously reimagine their future. She encourages everyone to bring all of themselves to each endeavor “wholistically” – so they can more easily realize their dreams, “Smile-Stones”, desired outcomes, and impact.

Steve Maynard

Steve is a visionary leader in the areas of spirituality, the human life-flow, and the practical aspects of living fully-connected in “whole-istically mindful” ways.

He has focused exclusively on these passions for the past 25 years, first as a Unity Minister, and more recently as a “Spiritual Independent” committed to helping people of all backgrounds.  His personal call is “To help myself and others live more “whole-istically mindfully”, every day in every day.”

Earlier he had a long career in management of global high-tech, environmental, and consulting organizations — grounding him in the “real world” and contributing to his broad cultural perspective of being a “world citizen”.

The consummate life-long learner, he holds degrees from Harvard and Columbia Universities and post-graduate certificates in fields of studies related to ministry, life-coaching, comparative religions/spirituality, conscious evolution, and cosmology.

By bringing insights from all of these experiences, he is able to “Connect the Dots” to create new, engaging, and compelling ways for reigniting the fire of the human spirit with “A Fresh Approach to Life”! 



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