About IWR’s Content


When it comes to content, YOU are the primary indicator of IWR’s success.  The two most important “metrics” we watch are the extent to which you (1) embody and (2) successfully apply whatever topic that we explore together.

If you enjoy highly experiential learning experiences, you’ll likely thrive on IWR’s approach. Our commitment is that you receive a valuable “take-away” from each experience — something that you can put to use right here and now!

Our goal is that everything is Fresh, Fun, and Fruitful“!  And our guiding principle is that you’ll find the work to be “Spiritfully Meaningful, Inspirational, Relevant, and Fun!”

You’ll hear us refer to this as theS.M.I.R.F! Principle — a concept that you may wish to embody and apply in your life, too!


Confidence, Clarity, Courage, and Connection

IWR’s “4 C’s” are the starting places for much of the innovative, unique, and proprietary content explored by our members. Our “funshops”, courses, and events are highly participative — including interaction on our membership platform, and support via periodic live “on-line and on-land” gatherings and personalized coaching programs.


Know who you truly are and acquire the wisdom of understanding your relationships —  to yourself, others, and the world — as you make an impactful difference.


Identify what matters most to you and learn how to bring that to life with ease and delight — for the greater good of yourself and all of creation.


Experience a deeper sense of belonging and increased cameraderie, graciously receiving and giving feedback and support as you joyfully co-create in a co-active community.


Commit to being in action and to deal with challenges in positive, creative, and successful ways with bravery, persistence, and gratitude.


We have more than 30 workshops and courses at the ready — roughly equally distributed across “The 4 C’s”.  To describe them all here would be more than what’s digestible.  So, we’ll be releasing information in “Bite-Sized Chunks” as the time is right.

So, as the old saying goes: “Please Stand By for Future Announcements!” — including some that will be offered quite soon!