With the world in our hearts and our hearts in the world,
we consciously co-create a better world that works for all.

This quote (above) is the inspiration that is the very essence of and genesis for Inspired We Rise.  It is our North Star — our guiding light — and one that we’ve tried to capture in the design of our logo (which is hopefully worth at least a thousand words!).  

It is, of course, only a starting place. But, we hope that it is one that you might commit to in some way — ideally becoming a joyous co-creator to bring it fully to life!  So we say to you:

Welcome to our inclusive, collaborative,
co-creative, leading edge global movement!

Our vision is to rise above confusion, isolation,
and frustration to wholeness, fulfillment, and joy!

In this spirit we affirm that together we are heart-centered visionary change-makers and pathfinders dedicated to rising up — continuously seeing and experiencing ourselves in new and powerful ways. Furthermore, 

As a community, we imagine that we …

  • Call forth a brighter, juicier, and more transformative future:  Together we easily, joyfully, and delightfully call forth a brighter, richer, juicier, transformative future —  so we and all creation flourish ……We align ourselves with “Evolution’s Arrow”, committed to shepherding the human family through this sometimes tumultuous time of transition we find ourselves in …
  • Live more “Holistically Connected” every day in every way: We envision a future that is more Gaia-centric and holistic, increasingly interconnected, symbiotic, emergent, and interdependent, ……While we honor and respect all religious traditions and scientific viewpoints, we embrace new ideas of systemic wholeness. These hold the key to the survival and thrival of Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. Let us move to a new paradigm of living that both transcends and includes the best of the past beliefs and practices …
  • Dramatically increase the experienced oneness of humankind: Our future success depends on the growth in the oneness of humankind — for ourselves, our families, our communities, and all of creation ……We recognize and increasingly accept the phenomenon of “Globalization” and celebrate the accompanying blurring of boundaries.  At the same time we respect and honor the unique characteristics and contributions of individuals and the various cultures and traditions. Our goal is to move toward ever-increasing harmony between all peoples….
  • Cooperate in highly experiential, mutually-supportive ways: The guiding principles of our community are that it is highly experiential, interactive, cooperative (vs. competitive) and mutually supportive……Together we discover how old “power-over” modes of living — ones based on competition, righteousness, and certainty — are replaced by ones that emphasize cooperation, compassion, and surprising dynamics.  We move towards the ultimate realization that “There is only one of us here! ….
  • Co-create exciting new outcomes by “Living Full-Out”: What we do — individually and collectively — is practical, generative, and impactful in positive, life-changing ways ……Our actions are practical and up-lifting.  Our outcomes are tangible and beneficial. We experience a natural synergy and symbiosis between “Being” and “Doing”. The more “Fully Alive” our actions, the deeper our wisdom of being “Holistically Connected” becomes — and vice-versa …
  • Make a difference in the world by walking our talk with integrity: We are are a beacon of light for each other and the world — as each of us each “discovers our truth and lives it full-out”. Our brightness makes a difference in both small and large ways ……As we merge our special uniqueness into greater wholeness with others, our ever-increasing mutuality becomes a richer expression of humankind contributing more to the well-being of ourselves, each other, our planet, and the universe itself.

Can you envision and commit to these things — and more?

Inspired We Rise — Embracing Life Fully!

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